Sunday, 31 May, 2020

Acne Treatments Review: Superficial Vs Holistic Approaches To Acne Treatment

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There are without a doubt a lot of lies, myths and fallacies surrounding acne remedies in the market out there which are all adding to the frustration and confusion facing a great deal of people wanting to treat their acne.

However, as years of experience as a researcher and author of skin care and health related issues have helped show me, most of the confusion and frustration comes from a failure to understand the huge difference between superficial and holistic methods for treating acne, and it’s that understanding that can mean the difference between obtaining the permanent results you want or a lifetime of dependence on”cures” with big promises but very little to no results.

And that is where this acne treatments review comes in: to shed some light on that very critical difference and what it all means for you as much as treating your acne is concerned, and also to point out a few pros and cons to each of the two approaches.

I will be going into a bit more detail shortly but, essentially, acne is an internal condition that’s triggered by various factors within the body, and what is observed on the outside as blackheads or pimples or regular breakouts, by way of example, are merely external indicators of that internal atmosphere. Have a look at scars cream removal too. The biggest mistake most sufferers looking for acne treatments make is to focus on working superficially on the external alone, as opposed to those internal factors in which the real problem actually lies and lies.

This is where the majority of remedies on the market fall into- medication and acne medicines, creams or”magic potions”, laser treatments and lotions, you name it… and, sadly, it’s this approach that the majority of acne sufferers fall prey to.

I’m positive you can tell by now that I’m not a fan of this approach, and I’d admit that I am somewhat biased in writing this guide, but for good reasons. Not only did I many times fall prey to the street that leads to nowhere with these kinds of treatment, but from an understanding of how acne is truly a much deeper problem brought on by internal imbalances within the body than just the surface symptoms we observe, this is just the downright wrong way to go about treating it.

Most of these treatments focus on working on the skin alone without addressing the inner factors. And, in doing this, they only mask the symptoms of a much deeper problem and only provide an”acne relief”- as opposed to heal itand an overwhelmingly many victims have bought into the notion that this is what acne treatment is!

While, for instance, clogged or very large pores, oily or bad skin care don’t cause acne, they can still interfere with the healing process of the skin and create your external environment more prone to acne.

The only benefit (if it can be thought of as an advantage) of this approach is that almost all of the treatments can be effective in preventing the symptoms without a lot of work on the part of the sufferer. They’re certainly not only the”quick-fix” manner but also the”path of least resistance” to treating acne, and maybe it’s that should explain why many sufferers go for them and why they never work as they promise.

The biggest disadvantages are the facts that there are many nasty short-term and short side effects associated with them, and they produce an indefinite (sometimes lifetime) dependence on them (which means that they are also very expensive long-term).

Holistic Approach to Treatment

The biggest advantage of this is that, by attacking and eliminating the root causes of acne, you stand a great chance of stopping acne for good (not just a relief) if you can get a great holistic acne treatment manual; and will, therefore, provide you with the permanent independence from acne that you won’t ever get with the first approach.

Unlike the first approach, however, this one generally involves a bit more effort and discipline- as all truly worthwhile endeavours consistently do. And if you’re ready and willing to do what it takes to end your acne and achieve beautiful clear skin once and for all, it is the perfect means to do it.