Saturday, 11 July, 2020

Fiber Glass Window Screens with UV Protection Makes Healthier Homes

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Fiber glass window displays are now used as a tool to protect our homes from the toxic effects of ultra violet rays. Normally, screens are chosen to be placed in our doors and windows to prevent bugs and insects from infecting our houses. But as the need for protection has improved, advancement in the creation of the material has also given us an option to create a healthier surrounding for our entire family.


Ultra violet rays are small particles of light waves that are absorbed by everything light touches. Visit Garolite as well. Light emitting materials are carrier of UV rays but some are so weak that they might not be harmful at all. However, it is the sunrays’ where we can find the highest amount of UV rays. After sunset the light bulbs that we use to light up our houses become the next contributor of UV rays.


Some people have this misconception that the early morning sun is great as it can provide us vitamin D. As oppose to this belief UV rays absorbed by our body assists in the production of vitamin D. Therefore, UV rays are beneficial and are also being used in the treatment of rickets, a decease popular in children that’s caused by vitamin D deficiency. Too much exposure to sunlight, however, can lead to skin deceases such as photodermatoses, actinic keratoses, premature skin aging and in extreme cases, skin cancer.

Administration of these treatments is usually highly supervised by physicians and health professionals as over exposure can lead to severe problems instead of cure. As that, it is safe to say that the undesirable effects of UV rays exposure have really outweighed its great effects.

Inanimate objects in our homes may also be harmed by UV rays since this can cause premature discoloration and tear. You might have this terrific piece of couch that’s placed in area most frequented by sun. No matter how expensive it is nothing protects it from early discoloration and tearing unless you have sunscreens placed on your window. Sunscreen windows also minimize heat penetration, thus, help in creating good ventilation in the room.

Bear in mind, we can only be exposed under sunlight for 5 to 15 minutes daily. Having fiber glass window displays with UV protection installed in our house helps us live comfortably and healthily.

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