Friday, 18 September, 2020

Put Your Focus on Healing – Tips to Help You in Your Quest for Healing

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When it comes to recovery – whether it is medical recovery, spiritual healing, energy recovery, or some other kind of alternative recovery – you won’t realize success without proper attention.

Consider, you injure your leg, and due to the intense pain, you seek out medical help. However, when you find the doctor, rather than focusing on your injured leg and telling him about the pain and injury, as you’re extremely tired, you start telling him how exhausted you are, how you can not sleep at night, not mentioning the cause for your sleeplessness is the pain in your leg. Since you caused the sleeping problem rather than your injury, the physician assumes that you came in to see him about sleep issues, and he asks you questions about your own sleeping. The whole office trip takes an unexpected turn – the focus isn’t on your leg injury but in your not sleeping at night. Consequently, the physician prescribes something for your sleep issues rather than heard about your leg injury.

The above situation often predominate other recovery settings. Someone is seeking healing for something, and somehow the attention becomes sidetracked to something else, and the potential for healing becomes nullified before it ever gets off the ground because the desired focus becomes sidetracked.

For Heal Beyond Belief to happen, the focus has to be on recovery rather than on anything else. If the attention is misdirected, a recovery can be channeled in the wrong direction as in the leg-injury situation , if recovery work is carried out by an individual for one’s self and the attention is misdirected, the recovery work will abort or be negated determined by conditions, and the illness can become exacerbated.

When doing recovery work for one’s self, the attention must completely be on recovery – the mind should not be diverted by a TV program in the background (for instance ), or on ideas of events that happened earlier in the day, or about matters that will need to be done.

When weak, ineffective spiritual work is completed over a time period (a week or more), the individual seeking healing may tell a friend,”I did spiritual-energy healing work and it did not appear to do any good; I do not see any improvement. So, I wonder whether it actually does work.”

It was not the religious healing energy which failed to effect a recovery. The actual culprit behind the failure was that the bad focus on recovery, allowing things from the background and stray thoughts to impact the quality and effectiveness of their healing energy, and negating and nullifying the energy’s power to cure.

Ideas to help you keep your focus on recovery

If you’re trying to find help from a health practitioner or some other sort of healer, do not get sidetracked. Concentrate on the issue and inform the professional specifically what the issue is, how it began, how you felt when it began, and how you feel today. Do not bring up any other negative issues unless they’re related to the primary issue. Do not tell the practitioner you have trouble sleeping at night and are exhausted in the morning if you need treatment for an injured leg that’s the reason for keeping you awake at night if you’re taking over-the-counter medications to attempt and help yourself, start looking for products which are known to alleviate conditions like yours.

Don’t purchase an antacid that treats eczema just because it is on sale if you will need a headache preparation. Concentrate on the recovery’s need. If you’re doing spiritual healing or energy recovery work to become cured, do not let your thoughts stray from the task at hand. Material distractions like TV, considering incidents that occurred at work or home earlier in the day, or outside goings-on shouldn’t be permitted to get into your thinking or become a part of it while doing spiritual healing work. Focus on what you’re doing and saying so that you can correctly [1] create and lead powerful energy which will heal you, or [2] make the relationship required to get healing help from a Higher Power to help cure your body.

So as to move towards recovery, if you seek medical recovery, spiritual-energy recovery, or another type of alternative healing, it’s always necessary for you to concentrate on the healing itself, and on the area of the body that needs healing; then and only then can the illness be properly addressed and corrective/restorative measures taken to assist you realize a recovery.